The Issues


Hamilton is a tough old town, and her citizens are real survivors, but the  people of Hamilton, and particularly in Ward 3, we have steadily lost ground over the past ten years in terms of jobs, commercial investment, youth crime, and support for seniors and the physically challenged. 

The issues are:
1) Just Say Yes To Jobs
2) Commercial Zoning and Code Enforcement
3) Increased Access to Support for Seniors
4) Drug Day
5) Water Quality

 Just Say Yes To Jobs

its time to admit that there are too many jobs to be lost by saying no to a Central Hamilton Casino. The negative social ramifications that can loom in the shadow of the casino entertainment industry are obvious. The true elephant in the room is that there are already many desperate people in Hamilton, and more so in Ward 3, and this creates a genuine fear that a casino in central Hamilton will be the last straw that could tip us into profound crime issues. By effecting true change and stability to the lives of our vulnerable citizens who have been left to survive the mean streets of our town, we can create a healthier foundation on which to build our future. 

Commercial Zoning and Code Enforcement

The commercial zones of Ward 3 have taken on an uneven appearance over the years. The economic downturn hurt Ward 3 terribly, and our economic recovery has been slow to arrive. There are numerous boarded up commercial properties that have detracted from the area. New business are reluctant to open up in the midst of dilapidated storefronts. The unspoken truth about many of these seemingly abandonned commercial buildings is that they have become the home of people who have stepped off of the grid. Numerous zoning and code violations are going unchecked, leaving many of the desperate residents vulnerable, unprotected, and uninsured. I propose persistent, on-going sweeps to inspect commercial properties for zoning and building code compliance. By permanently removing and rejecting misuse of commercial property, commercial landlords will actively seek and keep true commercial tenants in safe and appropriate premises. 

Increased Access to Support for Seniors

Ward 3 is a bustling and fast-paced part of Hamlton. I feel compelled to consider the needs of our constituents who may not have the strength or the resources or the network of friends and family to help them with the little things that can quickly build into big problems. I will be developing more low cost and cost-free daily seniors' daycare programmes, for our older constituents who are fortunate enough to be living in their own houses and apartments. I will also be enhancing existing volunteer and privately sponsored programmes to benefit seniors in need of home repair, yard work/snow removal  and light chores. 

Drug Day

The root of many if the unsavoury elements if Ward 3, from prostitution to family abuse stem from issues of drug abuse. Many problems are masked by the harsh economic atmosphere, but when a layed off worker is left to cope with loss of self-esteem, and boredom and depression, the offers and opportunities to participate in drug use become a possibility. It is time to remove the masks of clean, convenient excuses for the deteriorating conditions in Ward 3. My goal is to open new doors of opportunity with Drug Day. What is Drug Day? Drug Day is the day that you or your loved one or your friend can say IT IS TIME TO STOP THE DRUGS. That's it. I call it Drug Day because it's time to stop calling it something else, and never getting to the truth about how to make a change. I will be enhancing street level access to rehabilitation programmes. It is the most powerful decision that will help to you to get your life back in your own hands and out of the hands of Drugs. What do you do? If you don't know anyone to ask for the next step, then call me or send me a text and say "It's Drug Day". 416-451-1347 

Water Quality

Ward 3 has a great number of homes that are approaching or are well over one hundred years of age. The infrastructure of the city has been transformed in that time, however there are still many homes that are receiving water on city main lines that are made of lead. The detriments of this factor alone are great. We are also greatly in need of new solutions to water purification that apply a reduction in use of chlorine. I will be employing a stepped up system of home testing to know regularly wat exactly the constituents of Ward 3 are being forced to drink every day. For many if the families in Ward 3 daily use of bottled water for drinking and cooking simply is not a financial possibility. The bottled water industry is in need of its own corrections in terms of the quality of the product, and the quality of the bottles, and their safe disposal in a manner that can no longer contribute to the oceanic plastic island and other environmental concerns. Our constituents deserve better. 

Help me to make these changes happen by voting Eva John on October 27th, 2014. 

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